For millennia tree houses have fascinated humans. We are drawn to get up off the ground into the leafy canopy above. Is it an urge from our evolutionary past? Is it a yearning for the beauty of the trees? Or is it just to get a better view? Whatever the reason today tree houses are enjoying a resurgence of popularity as people seek escape from the congestion and stress of modern life down on the tarmac.

treehouse-4 (2).jpg

The risk of wild animals may be less today but people still love being high up in the trees, close to nature with the magic of the wood all around. Children's tree houses may be simple structures to play in but increasingly adults want to get in on the fun too. Many of our newly commissioned tree houses are fully functional homes kitted out with all modern conveniences and built to comply building regulations and to surpass the highest grade of sustainability specifications.

Tree houses are fantastic deep in a wood - surrounded by their woody cousins. They are also fantastic on open lawns, in the bottom of gardens and wrapped around an ancient tree in a field. 

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