Tree Houses

Bower House Construction specialises in building unique, bespoke tree houses. Please get in touch to let us know about your needs and requirements. All projects are considered from a delightful tree house for the kids to play in up to striking homes in trees kitted out with full insulation, running water and electricity.

Buy-to-Let Tree Houses

The UK is currently short of opportunities to enable people to have an overnight tree house experience. Demand is high and the hotels and guest houses featuring Bower House tree houses are fully booked for most of the year. If you are interested in building a business around tree house rentals or in adding a tree house experience to your existing hospitality arrangement speak to us. 

Pods and Tubes

Most of us will hit a stage in life when we need more space. It could be that we start working from home, take up painting or find the kids have got much  larger. Whatever the reason, making our extending our home can give us more space whilst adding significant value to the property.

Our sustainably constructed pods and tubes are a convenient and affordable way of adding an extra room to your home and placing it at the bottom of the garden. They can be constructed off site to your specification and then come and assembled exactly where you want it providing more space at less inconvenience and cost than an extension. 

Play Structures

Our belief is that play is crucial for human interaction and expression. Our structures facilitate an exploration of the many different ways that human beings play and learn. Our designs use locally-sourced timbers that have inherent durability such as larch, chestnut and oak.  We offer a full installation service and maintenance programme with all our products.

Our installations develop a sense of confidence in children. The spaces we create enhance social interaction and interaction with nature. A high level of care is put into developing the designs, developing playful features that encourage imaginative play and installing durable well crafted products. We utilise various materials including growing roofs, locally sourced british hardwoods, cob and planting. All installations come with full maintenance instructions.


We can design an build special cabins for your garden, terrace or joined to your buildings. Utilising the same considered approach to design and sustainable and naturally integrated approach we will use local materials to make a unique outbuilding to meet your needs. 

Composting Loos

Composting loos are an ecologically sound way of adding a convenience to your garden or outdoor site. They do not require conventional plumbing and are easy to use and maintain and well as proving an excellent compost for fruit trees and gardens. 

Bespoke Furniture

We make gorgeous, unique and unusual bespoke furniture from sustainably harvested and special pieces of wood. From children's bunk beds and dens through to chairs, tables and cupboards. We looks forward to hearing your requirements.