Bower House Construction has sustainable principles at the core of its operations. We believe that new buildings can enhance the natural beauty of surrounding natural landscapes and have minimal to no negative impacts upon the ecosystem.

We take a holistic and integrated approach to sustainability ensuring we achieve the results we want all along the supply chain.

Key approaches:

Materials - we source our materials locally seeking out sustainably harvested and locally appropriate woods and stone. Ensuring the materials are local reduces transportation impacts whilst also being true to the natural settings we are inspired by.

Carbon - we minimize the use of fossil fuels across our operations - from using natural light in the office through to ensuring our builds are as well insulated as possible. We always seek to heat (and cook) with local, sustainably harvested wood where possible because this is, in effect - carbon neutral.

Biodiversity - alarmed by the crushing decline of wildlife we proactively seek to provide, habitats, shelters and homes for wildlife wherever possible. This can be in the form of a green roof, “bug hotel” or by maximizing the planting of native species around our projects.